Hello there !

You’re maybe wondering what this website is about. GNafron is a French Non-Profit Organisation (« Association Loi 1901 ») created in 2017 and based in Lyon. Our founders are Nicolas and Aurora.

Our interesting name is created from a pun mixing the acronym GN (LARP in French) and the name Gnafron (the best friend of the lyonnaise puppet Guignol). Here he is.

Our goal is to create adult LARPs with our benevolent, kind and caring team, in France. Most of our events will be in french, but some might be in english.  We are a founding member of the Théâtre de l’Imaginaire Francophone (TIF) a federation creating Vampire the Masquerade LARPs in french speaking places. Vampire The Masquerade is a game created by White Wolf, and we use the Mind’s Eye Theatre (MET) rules created by By Night Studio.

As you can see, we’re almost fluent in english. Feel free to contact us here : asso.gnafron@gmail.com.

Thanks for your visit, and may LARPs be with you 🙂